by ghost orchard

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Thimo Timmers
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Thimo Timmers Reminds me of Teen Suicide, Salvia Palth and Pill Friends. In other words, I think it's really good ;) Favorite track: october 2013.
Ian Wilbanks
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Ian Wilbanks if i made music i would only hope it was half as good as ghost orchards Favorite track: 'i saw you floating'.
Johnson Cochran
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Johnson Cochran like getting a hug from a raincloud Favorite track: 'i saw you floating'.
Mick Rutowski
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Mick Rutowski tucks u in at night and tells u not to worry, everything will be ok. Favorite track: sin.
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thank you erik phillips, jacqueline waldron, warren hildebrand, jim sullivan, tyler moore, georgie gould, joey neikirk, and nick wing as well as my family for their continued support and love. i love you all so much.

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released April 8, 2016

cover photo by erik phillips

all songs written, preformed and recorded by sam hall, august-november 2015.

jim sullivan plays drums on 'lavender'.

tyler moore plays drums on '4th of july', 'sorry', ''i saw you floating'', 'don't' and 'sin'.

mastered by warren hildebrand.



all rights reserved


ghost orchard Grand Rapids, Michigan

with love

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Track Name: lavender
i know
i see it in your eyes this time of year
you have it all
fake it for awhile i know you're here
open the blinds; artificial light
leave it for them, i don't ever wanna do it again
Track Name: enough
you are enough
i don't might your head where it was
Track Name: separate
and i'll try to think of your eyes
you aren't what i remember
don't you dare to turn it all around
you're not what i remember

you and i are on separate side

and you're gone as far as i can tell
forget me; i'm nothing
move on and try to keep your distance long
you're not what i remember
Track Name: 4th of july
i'll change my mind
it's all distant to you
on the 4th of july
i felt distant to you

there's nowhere to hide
Track Name: sorry
sorry i just lost my temper
sorry if i slammed the door
sorry i just can't remember
breathe slow

turn your head and lift your eyelids
take it in; leave it alone
i'll be honest i have never felt so low

you tell me all the time
'there's flowers in your eyes'
Track Name: 'i saw you floating'
i know you're lying
nothing left to lose
i heard you crying
swelling like a bruise

'i saw you floating in a dream i had'
forget it later
things are getting bad
Track Name: october 2013
pick me up from school in autumn changing hue
i never meant to lose you
snowfall on windows' edge
forget and stay in bed
watch it all begin to end

maybe not but might
it hurts to much inside
i saw you under streetlight

forgive me if i'm wrong
but you've known it all along

you'll only miss it when it's gone
Track Name: sleepover
call me in the morning no matter where you are
in your car; it's pouring in a parking lot
leave it all before you even try to start
take away the story; i think i just forgot
Track Name: kindness
it's okay i think of you sometimes
hurts my head but i don't mind
when it's gone i'll say that it's all fine

if you were to give it some time
in your heart and in your mind
i promise that things will be alright
Track Name: wonder
always wonder why i'm so tired
Track Name: don't
don't have to say it again i don't know what to do
when will it end
wasting my youth
it will happen slow and fold me in two
nothing left to lend; wasting my youth
wasting you

i don't know what else to say
tried so hard to be this wanna
foggy now and doesn't change
hurts so much; i'll go away
Track Name: sin
sleeping for infinity
pain lacing in memory
forgive all you gave to me
blessed living sincerity

blissful static; blissful sin

always pacing quietly
against the wall you're listening
grandeur heartbreak symphony
nothing in the scheme of things